Benefits if Lemon Kush Marijuana Strain

The Lemon Kush Marijuana Strain can have the ability to stimulate the creativity and can also provide in terms of uplifting the mental effects. The effects of it can be felt fast and it is both prolonged and deep in its effect. Those first-time users need to be beware of this kind of strain since this can catch you by surprise. It can be very compelling and at the same time a well-balanced one that can uplift your spirits and can be able to bring out motivation and a creative energy.   Read more at

The flavor of this strain is spicy and it can have a full glamour. The taste is actually the result of the blending of the earth with those hues of the citrus and lemon. 

The strain can be light green in color with the white icing of the trichomes and this is evocative of that of the lemon growing on the trees. While this kind of strain is reminiscent of that of the lemon scent, it is sweet and at the same time smooth. The smell of it can be able to linger more and can contribute to the bracing aroma that this kind of strain is being known for. 

The Lemon Kush can have a kind of flavor that is out of this world, and many recreational users can testify that of its flavor and the high is actually very much inspiring.  

 The THC level of the Lemon Kush is around 20%. This kind of strain can be very powerful. This can induce couch-lock effects while fueling the creativity of the person. It can also uplift the mood of those users while relieving that of the physical pain in the body. The sativa and the indica effects of the strain can rhyme together and then balance one another. It can be recommended to be fully consumed in the afternoon or in the evening when you will not be able to participate in any of the physical activity.  

Lastly, the buds of the strains are actually smaller and nugget-like than that of the average. The bud structure is very dense and tight, and this is more typical than that of the sativa. The leaves can also be light green in color. The coating of the trichomes can make the leaves to appear lighter. Those resins can make the buds very hard to split apart if you do not use that of the good grinder. When being broken, the smooth and sweet lemon scent is being released. Those buds are colored yellow and they are cover with shiny trichomes that do contain a very high content of the THC. Click here and discover more:

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